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HydroSilex Industries is a global company with a multinational team and branches all over the world.




717 E Ross St #2149, Lancaster, PA 17602
Lancaster Pennsylvania 17602
United State


+1 800-918-6538


Our products are based on over 25 years of chemical industry experience. We have a passion for creating superior products that everyone can use.


About Lancaster

Lancaster ( LANG-ki-stər; Pennsylvania German: Lengeschder) is a city in and the county seat of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and one of the oldest inland cities in the United States. With a population at the 2020 census of 58,039, it ranks 11th in population among Pennsylvania's municipalities. The Lancaster metropolitan area population is 552,984, making it the 104th-largest metropolitan area in the U.S. and second-largest in the South Central Pennsylvania area. The city's primary industries include healthcare, tourism, public administration, manufacturing, and both professional and semi-professional services. Lancaster is a hub of Pennsylvania's Dutch Country.



Client Reviews

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Reon Bailey

best/easiest products

These are the best/easiest products to use. My car outshines everyone in the parking lot at work. And their customer service is amazing!

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Richard Young

ceramic coating

This is a great product. I

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Fred Sacks

paint correction and the professional Detailer, the strength and resilience of the product

I use this on 4 cars and 2 motorcycles. Incredible shine and water beads forever. I had one car in for paint correction and the professional Detailer said he had to work 4 times harder to get to the paint for correction because of the Hydrosilex I had applied. This certainly is testament to the strength and resilience of the product. Best I have found after using many products over the years.

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Diego Barreto

Hydrosilex Recharge

Used Hydrosilex Recharge for my car and has been giving me great results. 2 months after application and still holding strong

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Alexander Spafford

Hydrosilex products

As a car enthusiast I have tried a vast array of car care products over the years. HydroSilex provides a great line of products at a fair price with quality customer support.

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